The 2020-2021 International Convention Registration is Now Open

Attention ALL LIONS:  Every club has at least one delegate.  Please!!!  Please sign up your one delegate.  Send me proof that they voted and they will get their $50 back.  Read this whole post to see the details.  We have a Texan running for International Director.

DG Billy

Fellow Lions,

The Opportunity of a lifetime for all Texas Lions is upon us.

Lions Clubs International has changed the traditional in-person International Convention that was scheduled for June 25-28, 2021 in Montreal, Canada to a Virtual International Convention.   For the first time ever, this gives all Texas Lions the opportunity to participate and experience the FELLOWSHIP THAT ALL LIONS FEEL WHEN WE GATHER ANNUALLY DURING THE INTERNATIONA CONVENTION WITHOUT THE EXPENSE OF THE TRAVEL.

As Chairman of the Council of Governors, I am calling on ALL OF THE LIONS OF MD-2 TEXAS to show the Lions of the world the strength of our service commitment.  We urgently need every club in every district to register their full allotment of Texas Lion Delegates for the virtual Lions International Convention. By doing this, Texas Lions have the opportunity to showcase our Strength, our Club Leadership and continued commitment to service that makes us proud Texas Lions living our motto “We Serve.”  We are the largest Multiple District in North America and now is the time to show the world the strength and leadership we have always provided to our Association.

At this Convention, the Texas Lions will be proudly presenting Lion Ernesto “T.J.” Tijerina as our Texas Endorsed Candidate for International Director.  Lion “T.J.” has served as Past Council Chairman, Past District Governor, Past President, and member of the Del Rio San Felipe Lions Club and has been a Leader in Texas Lionism for 44 years.

“Team Tijerina” serves our needs and needs our commitment to be elected.

To show your support of our Candidate and ensure his election, here are steps we ask each club to take:

  1. Encourage as many Texas Lions as possible to register to participate in the Virtual International Convention.  Lions can register online by going to: and register right now for the International Convention.
    The cost for registration is $50 from now to March 31, 2021. 
    The registration will increase to $75 on April 1, 2021.
  2. Determine the number of delegates for your club*
  3. Once your delegates are registered to attend the virtual International Convention, the Secretary, Administrative Assistant, or President of the club must log on to MyLCI and designate each Delegate for the club. LCI will then ensure that they are allowed to vote during the voting time at the virtual convention.


*Each chartered club in good standing shall be entitled, in any convention of this association, to one (1) delegate and one (1) alternate for every twenty-five (25), or major fraction thereof, of its members as shown by the records of the International office on the first day of the month last preceding that month during which the convention is held, PROVIDED, however, that each such club shall be entitled to at least one (1) delegate and one (1) alternate, The major fraction referred to in this Section shall be thirteen (13) or more members. The selection of each such delegate and alternate shall be evidenced by a certificate signed by the President or Secretary or any other duly authorized club officer.

Club Voting Strength *
1-25 members = 1 delegate
25 +13 members = 2 delegates
50 + 13 members = 3 delegates
75 + 13 members = 4 delegates
100 + 13 members = 5 delegates
125 + 13 members = 6 delegates
150 + 13 members = 7 delegates
175 + 13 members = 8 delegates
275 + 13 members = 12 delegates
Registration – is now open

Multiple District 2 Texas will reimburse Texas delegates for their convention registration expense once they have voted at the Virtual Lions Clubs International Convention if the individual Lion Delegate needs financial assistance with the registration fee.

If you have questions about any part of the process, please email Lion “T.J.” at or call him at 210-414-3319.  For additional information or assistance, you may also contact your District Governor, First Vice District Governor or Second Vice District Governor.

Let’s show the world that the Leadership of our Association still runs through Texas just as it did in 1917, when our Association was formed.