Texas Tuesday Connections October 2021 Schedule

Please mark your calendars and join us for
Texas Tuesday Connections

The journey continues with the Texas Tuesday Connections.
There is no fee and no registration required, just sign-in!
So, mark your calendars and join us!

The sign-in form will be open at 6:30pm

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October 2021 Schedule

Platforms for Learning
October 26, 2021 @ 7pm CDT


The Texas Tuesday Connections is a product from the North America Membership Initiative.
The MD-2 GAT began the Texas Tuesday Connections series in April 2021 and because of the
popularity and value the MD-2 GAT made the decision to continue through the 2021-2022 Lions Year.
While we were excited to get this series up and running, we did make some “start-up” mistakes.
First and foremost, we did not establish any goals or specific action plans.
We just started…After a couple of months is was quite clear that we need to put some real structure into the process.
We brought on more committee members and we also tried to develop a marketing plan, after the fact.
While this was admirable, it was not realistic. Now that we have nearly 7 months of Texas Tuesday Connections
under our collective belts, we are going to actually practice what we preach.
During the last two months of 2021, the Texas Tuesday Connections will be on a sabbatical.
During this sabbatical, we will conduct a SWOT analysis of the Texas Tuesday Connections
and then develop the infrastructure, goals, guidelines and whatever else we discover from the SWOT.

The goal of the Texas Tuesday Connections Committee is to, relaunch the series on Tuesday, January 18, 2022.
So, please be on the lookout for updates to your MD-2 Texas Tuesday Connections.

Thank you in advance for your continued help and support!

“Catch the Spirit!”
Texas Tuesday Connections Committee

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