Texas MD-2 Hurricane Harvey Task Force Next Steps

The Texas MD-2 Hurricane Harvey Task Force is working to close out the initial $100,000 LCIF MCAT grant we received back in August 2017 shortly after Hurricane Harvey made landfall. Since then, LCIF has received donation designated for the Texas Hurricane Harvey Relief, totaling some $690,000.00 plus. As part of the Task Force continuing efforts to aid those affected by Harvey, the Task Force met in Victoria Texas on November 11th and put together two grants, MCAT MD2 Family Spirit Grant and MCAT Neighborhood Reconstruction Grant, each for $100,000.00 and submitted them to LCIF on November 13th. Currently the Family Spirit grant has been approved for $60,000.00 and the Neighborhood Reconstruction grant is still pending.

The MCAT MD2 Family Spirit Grant’s goal is to provide an opportunity for as many displaced families as possible to purchase individual family gifts. The Task Force Governors (A3, S1, S2 and S4) in conjunction with local Lions clubs in the affected area will work with local organizations (church, schools etc.) to identify family units in financial stress due to the disaster. Local Lions, either directly or by escorting the family, will go to local businesses to select appropriate items for each family member subject to $100.00 limitation per family member. Each Districts allocation is being set by the Task Force. District 2S4 allocation will be $18,000.00, which will allow us to help 180 individuals in the district.

If your Club has an interest and need in your area, I encourage you to contact District Governor Jerry Gilbert, governor@district2s4lions.org, right away for more information.