Sugar Land Lions Club held its regular meeting on June 05, 2021, which may be called a special meeting, as well, in the sense that District Governor Billy Gray, accompanied by the 1st Lady Nancy Gray, was kind to attend our meeting as the Guest Speaker and honored our special club business, as under:

(1) Two new members were inducted by Governor Billy Gray
(2) Awards were presented to the recipients of the outgoing year 2020-2021; &
(3) Incoming Officers of the Club for the year 2021-22, were installed by Governor Billy Gray.

Pictured Below: District Governor inducting the two new members:
James Idea, sponsored by Lela Smith  and Manual Diaz, sponsored by D. Garcia.

Pictured Below: DG Billy Gray presenting his Appreciation Award of the year to Lion Larry Stewart, Secretary/Treasurer

NAME                                                                     AWARD

Governor Billy Gray                                                Melvin Jones Progressive
Lion Nancy Gray.                                                    Melvin Jones Fellow
PCC M. Shafique Awan                                          Melvin Jones Progressive
Lion Ella Aubin                                                        Melvin Jones Progressive
Lion Kristyn Reed.                                                  Melvin Jones Fellow
Lion Ever Ramirez.                                                 Melvin Jones Fellow
Lion Daryl Counts.                                                  Eye Bank Angel Award
Lion Angela Rankin.                                               Texas Lions Camp Brick
Lion John Rankin.                                                  Texas Lions Camp Brick
Lion Tony Potter.                                                    Life Member Eye Bank
Lion Akhtar Noorwani.                                          Life Member Eye Bank
Lion John Lucy.                                                       Life Member Texas Lions Camp
Lion Michelle Navarro.                                           Life Member Texas Lions Camp

Below: Outgoing President PCC M. Shafique Awan handing over the “GAVEL” to incoming President Lion Ever Ramirez

PCC M. Shafique Awan presented 2021 President Appreciation Medals to the outstanding fellow club members, who helped him the most, as his associates and members on the Board of Directors, to run the affairs of the club. It is because of the team work that the Club earned 2021-Excellence Award.

Below:  District Governor Billy Gray photographed with the incoming Officers (2021-22) after their installation

At the end of the of the eventful meeting, President PCC Awan announced two GIFTS, out of token of pure love,  for the two untiring and tolerant ladies quoting that:

The two gifts were presented to none else but to:

who despite looking after her own responsibilities as a member of 2-S4 Cabinet, shared the responsibilities of the Governor, during later’s shoulder ailment which was distinctly witnessed during Convention at Lake Jackson, and above all the sacrifice of the time she gave, which the husband could not share with the wife due to his over involvement in lions affairs.

(2) Mrs. Linda Stewart
who has been so tolerant and highly supportive to her husband Lion Larry to allow him  to spend much of his TIME, to promote the lions activities and to run the affairs of not only the club but District as well, and which TIME otherwise was of-course needed by the wife and the family at home. It would not have been possible for Lion Larry if Linda (a non-lion) did not encourage him.

PCC M. Shafique Awan
Sugar Land Lions Club