Successful Zone 3 Meeting in Kemah

The Kemah Lions are hosted the Zone 3 meeting at the Kemah Community Center at 6pm. We served dinner from 6pm-7pm. Then at 7pm Trish Wilson, VP of Marketing and PR from the Texas Lions Camp was our guest speaker. 12 Kemah Club Members came out to help and show their support for our club. Trish Wilson spoke to the members of the history of the Camp and how important it is for the kids to attend.   Without Lions there would not be a camp. She is a great speaker and she shows how compassionate she is about the camp. Our District Governor Roberta Brieden spoke to the membership on growing our clubs. We also had members from 8 other Lions clubs attend, the Mayor-Terri Gale, Debi Hart- Kemah Communications Director, and the Police Chief-Walter Gant and 4 Kemah Officers. It was a great turnout. At this meeting we received 2 membership applications for our club. We will induct them into our club soon.

This was a great meeting. Thank you all Kemah members who participated and for the wonderful food that was served. We had many compliments on our meeting and the meal.

Below is a pic of Trish Wilson from TLC, as the special speaker for the group.

Below is a pic of DG Roberta speaking to the group.