Stafford Missouri City Lions Happenings

Our Eye glass collection was handed over at the Team meeting in Wharton on Feb. 16th.
Our club visits various Eyeglass stores who save us their used eyeglasses for pick up.
This also increases our visibility in the community.

Our Club also sponsored a youth for the YOUTH CONTEST
Essay subject: Making Youth aware on Drug abuse and addiction.
The contest makes the students take their time to learn and research on the subject, to voice their opinion so they (hopefully) stay sober after finding the hard facts about how drug addiction ruins you, your family and the world.

Club’s Upcoming Fundraiser

The date is July 3, 2019 at the Stafford Center.
Proceeds go towards the Club’s charitable causes.
The club sells Pizza, Popcorn and Pickles in the 4th of July Fair.