Special Message from TLC

CLICK HERE FOR ORDER FORM==>75th TLC Sheath Order Form

Above is an order blank for special lasered & hand-tooled knife sheaths. These fit the special Case knives with handles made from rock from Texas Lions Camp, which we have been selling the last 3 years. This knife is the one shown above the sheaths on the form. If you haven’t seen them, the 2 bladed knife is beautifully lasered with the Lion’s & TLC’s logos, along with the words “Texas Lions Camp – children can with TLC”. If you are interested in the knife, you can contact Lion Ken Jobe, whose info is on the form for the knife sheaths.

The timing is critical, because (like everything else) the price of leather is going up dramatically, according to the leather tooler, and our costs will double after the 1st weekend in February. This will obviously do the same thing to our selling prices. So, if you want one or more, get your order in now. Orders dated by February 5th will be honored at the rates on the form. (The form says January 31st, but they have agreed to let the current price stand through our Feb. Council meeting in Kerrville.)

These knife sheaths have the Camp’s special 75th Anniversary Logo. I know many Lions don’t have the current knife and it may not be available much longer to buy. However, a new TLC 75th Anniversary edition Case knife will be coming out soon with a handle made out of wood from the camp. They will also be laser engraved on one of the blades. They will fit in these knife sheaths. So, this will be a chance to get a knife sheath for either or both knives before the prices soar.

PCC Tom Blase
1st Vice-Chairman, Executive Committee
Texas Lions Camp