Second Dist. Cabinet Meeting & Peace Poster Contest held Oct. 17th

Just so you know it is happening, and you can get it in your calendars, the 2nd District 2S4 cabinet meeting will be taking place on October the 17th, in El Campo, TX.
It will be at Mikeska’s barbecue on state Hwy 59 in El Campo.

The social event on October the 16th is cancelled because social distancing safely would be much more difficult.

Cabinet meeting registration will start at 8:00 AM, the meeting will start at 9:00 AM, and we will hopefully be through by 2:00 PM.

PDG Mitch Thames Has graciously agreed to set up filming so we can also offer a zoom meeting.

Lion Daryl Counts will be having the peace poster contest event at this cabinet meeting.

Further details forthcoming.

Mikeska’s BBQ
22730 US Hwy 59 (Blue Creek Road)
El Campo, TX 77437
1 (800) 388-2552

District Governor Billy Gray