Quick Message from the Website Team


All PDG’s, Club Presidents, Secretaries and District Cabinet members should have received their directories in the mail by now.
I’m asking every Lion to check your district directory.  Please check your personal information, your club address on your club pages, your club meeting times and location.

I’m adding the CLUB information to the website this week. If it’s not current, your District Governor and the website will have the wrong information for meeting OR contacting your club.
You have heard this before, but ALL club and Lion information is downloaded from LCI.  If this information is incorrect, please correct it through LCI first.

If you don’t mind, sending me an email, so I can correct the electronic version of the directory, I’d greatly appreciate it.  These will be available to you in the Fall.

Thank you for your help, Lions of District 2-S4.

Lion Leiloni Gilbert