Questions on Delegate and Registration Forms Answered Here

The Convention Committee wanted to save paper on the Registration and Delegate Forms.  The forms are combined this year.

The first page breaks down the prices for the Convention.  A Full Convention Book is $100…everything is covered, you DON’T pay the separate $20 registration fee.

If you buy anything EXCEPT a Full Convention Book, then a ONE TIME $20 registration Fee is applied.  Again, this is ONLY applied to those buying single meals, not the Full Book.

As far as the Delegate Form goes, this is on the SECOND PAGE of the Registration Form.  You will fill in the general club information and there is also a spot for Marking “D” for Delegate or “A” for Alternate.

CLICK HERE FOR Registration/Delegate Form==>Convention and Delegate Form

As I mentioned before, we are trying to lower the costs of printing more paper unnecessarily. Please email us if you have anymore questions,

Thank you.

Leiloni Gilbert & PDG Charlie Philipp
Your District Convention Co-Chairs