President’s Message from Lions Eye Bank of Texas

The Lions Eye Bank of Texas needs YOUR help with our Fundraiser Drawing. Below is the President’ message to ALL Lions.


Good morning Lions,

I wanted to reach out to you regarding the Lions Eye Bank of Texas Annual Fundraiser Drawing. The date for this year’s drawing is just a month away and will be held on July 18th. Unfortunately, ticket sales this year have been down, but the good news is, we still have time to turn things around.  Lions, I’m asking each of you to please reach out to the Lions in your district’s and see if we can increase our ticket sales before July 18th. Fund raisers like this are the life blood of the Eye Bank and we need your help to ensure we end this year on a positive note. I truly believe, if each of us do our very best to contact the members in our district’s and our neighbors, we can turn this into a profitable fund raiser for the Eye Bank.
Please keep in mind, if someone wants to use a credit card to make a purchase, they can reach out to Darleane, and she’ll be happy to make that happen. If you have any questions, please let me know. Thanks

Yours in Service

PDG Jerry Gilbert, President
Lions Eye Bank of Texas


Darleane L. Warren
Community Project Coordinator
Lions Eye Bank of Texas/Lions Foundation for Sight
Phone: 713.798.5545