PDG Musings – Important LCI UPDATES

PDG Musings
The New Lions Digital Portal

The new Lions portal to replace MyLion, MyLCI, Insights and shop is by Salesforce Solutions and will be released mid-July.  A recent Texas Tuesday connections recapped the planned process.  To log in and to access you must have a unique email address not to be shared since it will be your log in.  Swap over data wise will start June 15.  Therefore, all data adds, deletes and changes need to be completed by June 15 for this Lions year.  You will not have access to the old system after June 15 and cannot access the new system until sometime around the middle of July.  If you delete members after June 15 you will have to pay for them for the fist half of the 2023-2024 lion year.

Please check your Lions data for each member for each club. For each club – secretary, club administrator or president can log in to LCI, choose MyLCI, under My Lions Club, pick reports, choose “Member Information update Report”, this gives one page per member.  Give this to each member to fill out information they need changed.

Above all, members should take the survey about your use: