News Release: Summer Camp 2020

Texas Lions Camp, Inc.
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From the Office of the President & CEO
Stephen S. Mabry, CAE

Status: Summer Camp 2020

Kerrville, TX – March 24, 2020. I realize that TLC’s Spring and Summer calendar is filled with scheduled events and anticipation, just as the calendars and plans of the Board of Directors, Lions, Lions Clubs, TLC Professional Staff, 2020 Summer Staff, vendors, Camper Families and volunteers are set with myriad plans for fund-raising, travel, work-weekends and Summer Camp 2020. I know that we are all monitoring the Covid-19 issue with great expectation and hope for Summer Camp 2020 and wondering what we should do with our plans. It is on that topic that I am writing today.

At present, I am unaware of any cases of Covid-19 having been reported in Kerrville. I continue to direct the TLC campus to follow the recommendations of the CDC, and Federal/State Officials to deploy and practice social distancing, having also temporarily closed the TLC facility to the general public (not the Summer Program). This is only precautionary and has been implemented in order to provide a buffer against ambiguity so that I can provide for the public’s access without delay when ready. Further, a work-from-home program has been implemented for all TLC staff who have the capacity to continue their work remotely so that traffic to the office can be minimized.

The staff and I are beginning to brainstorm ideas and plans for the interim and the roles we might have as many Texas children begin cloud-based learning regimens this week and the first of next-week. Moreover, the camping industry as a whole is hosting conference calls, video chats and opening dialogue with one another to discuss measures we can take moving forward.

Like the rest of the world…TLC’s focus is currently affixed on keeping others safe by listening to and implementing the advice of health officials. In short, TLC as the organization “we all know and love so well” is continuing to prepare as though everything were normal. As a licensed and accredited Summer Camp, TLC will be relying upon the recommendations and mandates from government officials and regulatory agencies regarding the opening of the TLC Summer 2020 program.  As you might surmise, it is still too early to make that call.

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