“Moving Texas Forward Together as One” – District Governor Musings

District Governors Musings

I have been telling a lot of clubs recently when visiting, that some of our clubs that are getting members are inviting their contacts to just come help at a service project and that person sees what we are doing and then asks, “How to I become a Lion”.  See our recent newsletter form our Texas MD-2 NoAMI champion.

DG Billy


North America Membership Initiative
MD-2 Newsletter #17 May 8, 2021
“Moving Texas Forward Together as One”

What a year we have had! You can either look at our year as a glass half empty or a glass half full… your choice! I see this Lions year as a glass half full with opportunities that are all around us. You see, most everyone thinks that the North America Membership Initiative (NoAMI) is just about membership. While membership is obviously an important part of the NoAMI process, there are many more parts to it. Most important to this process is service, and how we project our image to our communities. I do not know if you are aware of this or not, but service is what drives membership. While we need members to help us serve our communities, it is the service that we do that brings us our new members.

We have all worked under the premise of “just ask” for a very long time, but what does the “just ask” approach imply? Do we just ask someone to join our club or maybe we should just ask someone to help us serve our community? It is my opinion that instead of asking someone to come to a meeting, you are much better off asking that person to come and help with a service project. Once someone sees the good that we are doing and the value that we bring to our community, it is almost a no brainer.

With just two months left in the Lions year, I would strongly urge you and the clubs in your district to find ways to serve your communities and to invite prospective new members to those service projects, rather than to just a meeting. Remember, there are many types of easy service projects that can be done without too much planning. I know that funds are tight, but maybe you could do some sort of a local appreciation day or support a particular organization. Make sure to take pictures of the event, write an article for the local newspaper and send copies of the pictures, post them to all the social media platforms that you and your club use. Actively promote clubs in their communities. Let everyone know what Lions do and how they serve. Remember, service drives membership!

Thank you, for all that you do and remember to have fun along the way.
Dare to be Leaders!
Lion Chris Gunstream
MD-2 NoAMI Champion