Message from IPDG Vivian J. Janysek

It was said to me at the beginning that when you become the Governor, your year will just flash real fast in front of you.  Well, they were right.  Starting the year was a little rough.  As the year progressed, it was my closest Lion friends that gave me the courage and the strength to overcome the little things as well as the much bigger problems that arose.  It was also the many clubs that I visited, through their kindness and warm welcome gave me the confidence to better understand their feelings and dedication towards Lionism.  The Lion Clubs of District 2 S4 gave their all-in effort to make this district progress as it has.  All of them gave their 99% to grow in membership, activities, and service to their communities.
Thank you Lions, from the bottom of my heart.

All my cabinet members were the greatest!! You too had a slow start up.  However, most of you came out looking great!!!!  It’s a lot of work to bring Clubs out of their shells back into what they can be.  We lost many members, but we gained a little more each time we lost one.  Remember to COMMUNICATE!
Thanks for your hard work.  Keep it up.  Don’t let it fall.

Next goes a tremendous appreciation to my club of Karnes City.  Most of you members are new to Lionism, but you have stepped up to the plate with great effort.  Nothing stopped any of you.  Service with pride.  All of you will be great leaders one day.  Keep up the good community service you are doing.

LIONS – you are the best and – don’t you forget it.
Lions do great things for their friends and people who are in desperate need.
Lions Clubs must grow with young people for have you taken a look at yourself in the mirror lately??
Compromise and Communicate with each other. I plan to stay around and perhaps do a little visit sometime.  It has been my pleasure serving District 2 S4.
Keep up the good work.
Go get “em ROAR! ROAR! ROAR!

Blessings upon all of you.

Governor Vivian J. Janysek 2021-2022