MD2 Texas LCIF Residential Reconstruction Grant

Texas received a $280,000 LCIF grant for residential reconstruction for homeowners in the four districts affected by Harvey, our District portion is $70,000.00. The grant requires direct involvement of our Lions by completing the screening form and forwarding to the District Governor for consideration.  The grant provides eligible homeowners up to $3,500.00 for the purchase of construction materials but excludes appliances. Please review the screening form with your club members and take the time to ask the homeowner to complete the voluntary form (attached at the bottom of article).

Eligible Area:
Areas of the District 2-S4 effected by Hurricane Harvey.

Lions Identification and Involvement:

  1. Lions will be involved in the reconstruction project through the following:
    a.) Lions will conduct screening surveys in neighborhoods and communities as referred,
    b.) Task Force DG’s and Lions within the districts will review eligibility and residential selection,
    c.) Lions will notify the families and explain the conditions of the grant,
    d.) Lions will maintain contact with the families until grant funds are exhausted.
  2. As a condition of receiving grant funding the homeowner will agree to display signage in the front yard clearly visible to the public until project completion. The sign will indicate that the Lions of Texas and Lions Club International Foundation are providing funding for project.
  3. As the local Lions Clubs are part of the overall selection process, they will develop an adoptive posture for the families and will continue local support where possible.

Screening Form:
There are no trick questions, please print legibly, all questions are self-explanatory. DO NOT LEAVE BLANKS the yes \ no questions must be answered.  Homeowner signature and driver’s license number mandatory.  I suggest you review the complete form with the home owner. You should include quotes for the materials needed for the repairs submit all documents via email to or by mail to 7926 Jordan Rd., Manvel, TX 77578.

Project strategy and plan of action:

  1. Screening format for voluntary homeowner interview that assists Task Force DG’s in the selection process will have priority selection criteria of:
    a.) residence is occupied by homeowner as defined in the county records,
    b.) the homeowner’s annual income may not be more than 2.5 times the poverty level as defined in the Office of the Federal Register for the affected area and family size OR the value of the residence prior to the disaster may not exceed the median appraised value of residences for the affected neighborhood as established by the records of the local appraisal district, and
    c.) materials purchased with LCIF funds will be consumed in the construction of residence. After review of homes that meet established criteria, homeowners will be notified of eligibility of LCIF award for construction assistance.
  2. No permanent new structure construction.
  3. Equipment and construction supplies will be purchased by the homeowner through Lions member monitoring at home improvement/construction retail businesses. Material costs will vary throughout the four Districts. Lions clubs or Lions members are not responsible for selection, delivery or off-loading of materials.
  4. Homeowner construction assistance may commence immediately after LCIF funding and because of multi districts and the large area of damage construction may continue through December 2018.

Click Here to Download the Grant Application: ->Final HH Task Force Lions Grant Application