MD-2 Free Webinar for Diabetes, Wellness and Beyond, Tues., Dec.13th

Join us on our Free Webinar Series
Diabetes, Wellness And  Beyond.

December 13, 2022, Tuesday 12:00N – 1:00pm (CT)
Title: Postering a Charitable Giving Mindset: A Humanitarian Action

Speaker: Karin Larrave
Financial Advisor
Northwestern Mutual

Our mission is to provide strategies to increase awareness by educating ourselves, districts and communities on diabetes prevention and management, reduce the prevalence of diabetes and improve the lives of those impacted by the disease. In hand with diabetes, we serve to provide awareness and wellness on the other four LCI global causes, (vision, hunger, childhood cancer, environment) and beyond are topics related to Lionism, humanitarianism, volunteerism, etc.

We plan to develop new approaches to combat these issues by engaging communities and raising cultural competence.

One of the ways to connect in our community is through these webinars. It not only allows us to continue our service but also fulfill our mission.

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Lion Gloria Mathur
MD 2 Chair Diabetes Awareness Chair