Lions State Convention has been moved to June

The following message has come from our Council Chair PDG Nancy Van Alstine.

Good afternoon, everyone. I’ve been talking to several leaders around the state and have been encouraged to postpone (not cancel) the state convention.

So, after working with the hotel, we have agreed to move the convention date to June 24-27. The hotel will make a blanket move to shift all reservations to the new date. They will (in a day or two) send out new confirmation emails to all registered guests. If anyone decides not to attend, they will need to call the hotels directly to cancel their reservations.

Hopefully this date will work for everyone. The following things need to be completed:
1 – youth events
2 – Hall of Fame presentations
3 – training for other councils
4 – PDG elections
5 – closing business of the 2019-20 COG

If something happens that we can’t have the convention in late June, we will cancel and then work out those things listed above for small group meetings.

By the way, PIP Stevenson was prepared to come regardless of the situation, and he wants to be here, but the border between the US and Canada has been closed. Maybe with the date change, he will be able to come again.

There is interesting news that will be coming from LCI in a few days. Check your emails and the website often.

If you have questions or concerns, please let me know. After Sandy sends out her notice, please make sure that all your clubs get the information about the change.