Leader Dog Informational Webinar Series begin Jan. 12th

You’re Invited to Lions Trivia at Leader Dog.

Calling all Lions!

What was the first breed of dog used by Leader Dogs for the Blind? (Hint: it wasn’t a German shepherd!)

Welcome to Lions Trivia at Leader Dog! This is the first of a series of informational webinars for Lions on your legacy project: Leader Dogs for the Blind. Join us each quarter for topics such as virtual campus tours, our prison puppy initiative, and client spotlight chats. We promise to show off some puppies as well.

Join the Lions team via Zoom on your computer, tablet, smartphone or simply call in on your phone. Click on a date to register (or follow the link below it):

Tuesday, January 12 at noon Eastern


Saturday, January 16 at 3 p.m. Eastern

For Lions Trivia, bring a pen and paper to keep score. Top scores will receive Leader Dog gift shop gift certificates, a plush stuffed puppy and more!

Know of someone interested in Lionism (or you want them to be)? Bring them along!

Questions or need help registering? Contact the Lions Team at Lionssupport@leaderdog.org. See you there!