LCIF – Way to go District 2S4

Please note below in bold the fantastic job done by Lion Larry Stewart.  Remember now…..he has several roles and does them all well!  Congratulation Lion Larry!
DG Billy


Good evening District LCIF Coordinators.

WOW!  What a week this has been to say the least.  Following the Texas Winter Storms, several of you and your DGs are in process of applying for Emergency Grants.  Another time that LIF is here for Texas Lions.  Remind your Lions of this when you are talking to clubs for support.

We have so much to be excited about as MD-2 enthusiastically supports campaign 100.   As of January 31, total donations are $207,206.73 – a significant increase over the December report ($140,858), and is $8.97 per member.  The $8.97 per member donation is up from $6.10 in December – an increase of $2.87.

Club participation currently stands at 52.77% which is 428 of our 811 clubs.  This is outstanding and on the way to a great year end conclusion.  I am extremely excited to congratulate Lion Larry Stewart on being what I believe could be the first ever Texas district to have 100% club participation!  I have wanted to see that ever since I became the MD-2 LCIF Ambassador seven years ago.  My goal has always been to see Texas 100% in club participation.  PDG Shirley Dillman is close with 96.15% .  Knowing Shirley, I “bet ya” she’ll be 100% in February.

It is equally exciting to see 5 districts with donations over $20,000. ( E-2, X-1, S-2, S-3, S-4).  PDG Shirley leads with $34, 488, with Lion Larry Stewart following at $31,998 and PDG Bill Smothermon at $30,323   When our Lions see how LCIF is here supporting Texas during these times of need, I hope every district will at least see donations of over $10,000 by June 30.  Every district in Texas has been impacted by this winter storm, and Where There is a Need, There is a Lion and there is LIF.

We are pleased with the positive response for Model Clubs in Texas, and I know of work being done for several more at this time.  I am working on two right now.  Please give this process your full dedication.  You will be excited about your efforts when you see your clubs become Model Clubs.

I look forward to February reports when we expect even greater increases.  I know that PDG Jim Petty will have an exciting report with donations from his successful 50/50 drawing.  From what I am hearing, there will likely be other district with exciting reports.  There should also be more donations from the telethon.

Way to go district Ambassadors!  I am so proud of you and thanks go to each of you and your DGs.

Valentine’s Day saw the exciting Lions Helping Hands Telethon which was enjoyed throughout the world.  CA 1 had a great opportunity to support Campaign 100.  I wish to thank Lion Martyn Lucas for his passion and hard work creating this outstanding telethon with his awesome entertainment.  I was even able to request Martyn to sing Lion Merle’s favorite song!  Special thanks to  PDG Bill Smothermon for his tremendous support and dedication making this a successful event, along with thanks to PIP Joe Preston for his enthusiastic support making this an accepted event throughout CA 1.  Further it was awesome to see 2 VP Brian Sheehan and 3rd VP Patti Hill along with our LCIF Chairperson, Gudrun Yngvadottir join the telethon with such positive remarks creating further excitement.   There could have been others joining, but I kept getting kicked off by weather related   power failures at my home!  It was a wonderful opportunity to promote Lionism to all the many listeners on the YouTube presentation and was a great recruiting tool as well.  Anyone can still go to Martyn Lucas YouTube to view the Lions Helping Hands telethon at any time.    And it is not too late to make a donation to Campaign 100 through the telethon.

I would like for each of you receiving this message to respond to me and PDG Bill Smothermon with comments to the following:

  1. Did you watch the telethon?
  2. If so
    • what were your thoughts about the telethon?
    • What did you enjoy most?
    • What suggestions would you offer to make it better?
  3. Would you support another telethon next year if we have one?
  4. How did you promote the telethon this year?

Again, I am excited about our year serving together as Ambassadors for LCIF.  You are awesome leaders and I thank you for your dedication along with that of our outstanding Council Chairman and District Governors.  Together we can and will make this a banner year in Texas for Campaign 100.   You just gotta Make It Happen! 


PID Joe Al Picone
MD-2 LCIF Ambassador