LCIF Disaster Relief Grant Details

LCIF Disaster Relief Grant

We have been given a grant for the District of $10,000.  It is available now.  This is for water only.  It will be the first clubs that send in a “request”.  A club may spend up to $500 on water and get reimbursed, but try to make an educated guess on how much money you need.  Talk to store managers to get a special shipment.  You must have a receipt dated starting today, February 19, 2021, or after and it must clearly state it is for water.  Be careful, some convenience stores receipts only say grocery item or the such.  Make your requests for up to $500 to Melaine Sweeney, and copy your District Governor Lion Billy Gray.  Along with your request, also detail your plans on distribution.  If you personally deliver to shut-ins that would be good for our report.  Let us know your stories.  We will let all know if we reach the limit of $10,000.  Again – you buy first and submit receipts, and we will okay clubs until the $10,000 runs out. Be sure and include your club name, your name the area and/or county it will be used.

Send your receipts and an address to send the check to:

Lion Larry Stewart
1907 Glenn Lakes Ln.
Missouri City, TX  77459
Or email:

If Lion Clubs that request a certain amount do not spend that much and we end up having money left over, we may offer that unless the crisis is over.
I am an engineer, not an English major and I am rushing to get this follow-up out.

DG Billy