LCI President Douglas X. Alexander’s Message to Lions

           Service from the heart with international President, Douglas X. Alexander

Check out President Alexander’s biography video to learn more about his service journey and life as a Lion in Brooklyn, New York.
To learn even more about President Alexander, visit his theme page. You can read his presidential theme book and watch inspiring videos about how service from the heart changes our life and the lives of people in our community.

CLICK HERE FOR PRESIDENT’S STORY==>(664) 2021-22 Lions International President Douglas X. Alexander | Biography – YouTube

Dear Lion,

I learned very early on about the importance and power of community. In Brooklyn, we work together and support each other to make life better for everyone. And that’s why Lions has always felt like a family to me—like my home. Because for Lions, helping others is more than what we do. It’s who we are. And we give our “Service from the Heart.” That is the message I want us to share with the world.

We have a vision to make a better world for all people. That vision begins with us at home in our communities. Our safe service is helping so many people, so let us continue to be guided by our hearts and to move our communities forward. Let’s live out who we say we are. Let’s show the world what it truly means to have the heart of a Lion.

It is a great honor to be your international president. And I promise I will serve you with all my heart.

Yours in service,
Douglas X. Alexander
International President