LCI “Freeze” Grant

LCIF has sent a gazillion emails about the grant and I want to share a couple of highlights with the clubs that request some of the money

  • Should this application be approved, it will be for bottled water only. We understand that needs may change, but any changes to the project plan will need to be sent to LCIF for prior approval. Also important to note is the fact that grant funds cannot be handed over to other agencies for use at their discretion. Emergency grants must be executed and reported on within 30 days and any unused funds returned to LCIF at that time.
  • LCIF requires that photographs of the Emergency grant relief work activities be submitted along with the grant final report. These photos should show Lions in action providing the relief and also substantiate both the level of financial expenditure on immediate needs relief goods and the number of beneficiaries of the relief activities. Failure to submit photos demonstrating these various qualities may impede the acceptance of the grant final report and its closure.

DG Billy