Hurricane Nicholas Relief Update

September 14, 2021 the communities in our District woke-up again this year to a loss of power.  Thankfully some were restored the same day, but for over 70,000 residents in Galveston, Brazoria and Matagorda counties the power was not restored for over five days.  Our friends and neighbors have for the second time this year had to clear out their freezers and refrigerators of spoiled food and needed the helping hand that we have shown the Lions can provide.  After multiple emails to club presidents, zone chairs, alert committee members and Governor Vivian, our Alert Chair Lion Melaine  for another LCIF EMR Grant for food, water, and other emergency supplies.  She sent communication to the zone chairs for club distribution on how every club can participate and request funds against the $10,000 grant for Hurricane Nicholas Emergency Relief.  If you have not already seen these instructions, you can reach out to zone chair 7 Lion David Lemon ( who will be temporarily filling in for Lion Melaine as she recovers from neck surgery.

More so this week than in the past, our District has shown that PARTNERSHIPS is the key to success in aiding our communities.  We have already had two successful projects utilizing the grant funds, but we have also had several projects that did not cost a dime to our clubs, International or the District because of club partnerships with the Red Cross and Salvation Army.  The District also released just under $600 of Alert Funds for two pallets of water that Zone Chair David Lemon picked up using our Eastside Alert Trailer and distributed across Matagorda County.  The League City Lions Gripon Family came to the assistance of Lion Devin and our Alert Chair to load the trailer with the cases of water and one of first partnerships began.  The water then traveled onto Sweeny Lions Club, Matagorda Lions Club, Palacios Lions Club and Sargent Lions Club where Sweeny Lions member joined the respective clubs and Salvation Army for hot meal distributions and provided cases of waters to the families.  The Sweeny Lions Club is proud to report two new Lions members from their meal distribution partnerships this week.  This past Saturday, after expressing need for assistance from PDG Lion Roberta of Palacios Lions Club, Lion Brian Kelley from the Galveston Lions Club, Lion Neal and Lion Devin from Sweeney Lions joined the Palacios Lions in Palacios where they cleaned up storm debris and cut back damaged tree limbs on three properties in Palacios before heading onto Matagorda to provide assistance there.  While that project was underway Boling Lions President, Jackie Arnold was joining other members from Sweeny in continuing meal distribution with the Salvation Army and volunteered to drive additional meals over to West Columbia.  Sunday, PDG Ronnie Martin led a team of community members and Lions from Brazosport Breakfast Lions Club to join the Freeport Host Lions Club where the two clubs prepared and served 300 adult hot meals of cube steak, dirty rice or potato salad and green beans.  They also served 200 children’s hot dog meals.  Lion Jackie from Boling and PDG Debbie from Blessing joined this project making four clubs participating in a project to help Freeport Citizens. This was the first of our grant funded projects.  After “Catching the (Lion’s) Spirit,” thirteen of those community members decided to join the Brazosport Breakfast Lions Club and already filled out their applications and paid their years dues!  On Monday evening the Sweeny Lions Club partnered with West Columbia Lions to serve meals to Veterans who have lost power.  While cooking and serving the prepared meals the team provided a little Lions heart and fellowship to those who served our nation in the past.  This was the second project from our grant.

There are other projects underway, but we would like to leave you with two lasting thoughts: “With Partnerships You Can Do Great Things,” and “Service Drives Membership!”  Over the course of six days our District showed that we do not follow the “Not In My Backyard,” mentality and was willing to drive hours if it was needed to help the residents in our great District. The clubs and District gained 15 new Lions who have already shown a commitment to service.    We had members from Pearland Silverlake Lions, Galveston Lions, Sargent Lions, Freeport Host Lions, Brazosport Breakfast Lions, West Columbia Lions, Matagorda Lions, Boling Lions, Blessing Lions and Palacios Lions leading the way and showing how our District is a shining star for Multiple District 2 Lions of Texas.