Hurricane Delta Disaster Recovery

With Hurricane Delta coming in to Louisiana close to where the state has already been ravaged, and with this storm having high winds and lots of rain, roof tarps are desperately needed.  Roof tarps are large tarps specifically made for this use, they are heavy duty, wind resistant, and have adhesive backing.  The district has found an online source that has a good deal on these tarps, about $90 a piece.  The district has bought these tarps online.  These roof tarps will be  hauled to Louisiana in our Alert trailers after the storm has passed.

We are requesting all clubs to please contribute money to help cover the cost of tarps.  If clubs could donate $200 each, that would cover the tarps and other supplies needed to be taken over there.

For more information, please contact either PDG Ronnie Martin at 979-236-8817 or DG Billy Gray at 979-415-4426.  Please, they need us – Where there is a need there is a Lion!  We Serve!

District Governor Billy Gray
Cell: 979-415-4426
District 2S4