Grant money for Food Distribution is HERE

District’s 2-S4’s effort for distributing water has been largely successful and we have been able to reach large parts of the district. This week water has been heading out to the western part of our district. We thank all the clubs and Lions who have volunteered in this effort. We are moving onto the next phase of this project. We have funds for food distribution efforts to families who are in need related to this storm, especially those who are still without water due to broken pipes. If you know of families please reach out to us with a plan and monetary amount and we will work to grant your request. The next large hurdle we want to help tackle is getting people’s pipes repaired. How can the district help? We would like to purchase and distribute plumbing supplies to aid in getting people’s homes prepared. We know that there are shortages all over and our team is ready to assist in this endeavor.

Please email me ( and Governor Billy with requests.
We need to know what people need and what quantities.
The Governor has already committed to making the deliveries all over the district himself.

Pictures will be on the district’s Facebook page soon.

Yours in Lionism,

Lion Melaine Sweeney