Governor’s Musings – District convention

District convention

The district convention is not far away. It will be April 16 through April the 18th in Lake Jackson TX. We have gone to all kinds of lengths to keep the registration cost real low. It is one of the few times you will be able to go to the District convention at this low of a price. Another way we’re drawing you, is Friday nights first class entertainment with the magic by Ben Jackson. Also my spouse, Lion Nancy, went to great lengths to have an entertaining , satisfying, very “giving back” to the community service event. We plan on packaging and giving away 33,000 prepackaged meals to the local area food banks. But we need lots of hands and lots of help (sometimes these aren’t always the same – LOL).  See our website or Facebook for details.


After having shoulder replacement, I was expecting my typing skills to be slow and now being one-handed especially when it was my right arm that was damaged. But that has not been the biggest problem. I have had other extenuating circumstances because of the surgery that has really slowed me down. I’m still uncomfortable enough so it’s been difficult to read emails or put up posts. I’m not even able to always answer the phone. So please have patience with him for a while.

Pill Bottles

The club that was collecting pill bottles (medicine bottles) is no longer doing this and I have no response from an earlier posting for any other clubs that are doing this. So, there is no longer a need to collect pill bottles. There are still some clubs collecting soft plastic (like grocery bags, dry cleaning bags, etc.) and also a club that is still collecting bottlecaps. So please collect and bring those.

Lions Clubs Highlights & Service

I cannot see all your local postings in your local areas, but in my area, we have a County newspaper called The Brazosport Facts and I have seen several clubs in this area starting to post more of their activities. The community needs to know the good that we are doing. It’s not bragging, it’s getting support, and let them know what we’re doing. I am also seeing more posts on the District 2S4 website and on Facebook. Way to go and thank you. But it’s still not a lot. Again, please share your service ideas to help other clubs leverage in their area.


DG Billy