Fulshear-Simonton Club Purchases Vision Testing Machine

The Fulshear Simonton Lions purchased a new SpotVision vision testing machine using several generous grants from the Weston Lakes Women’s Association. Lions Randy Emery and Rick Jones led the effort to research and purchase the vision machine and a good printer to produce reports.
The Club originally purchased a SpotVision machine in partnership with two other clubs in the area; Needville and Rosenberg. We started scanning at one of the local elementary schools and word spread. In the fall of 2019, we tested 700 children in five days. State law currently limits us to age 6 and below and special needs’ children that are difficult to test with an eye chart.
The new SpotVision doubles our testing capacity so that we can test at more schools during the prescribed time window. Unfortunately, this year due to COVID we have been unable to participate in the schools, but we are anxiously awaiting using our new machine in the 2021-2022 school year.
The Club also provides vision vouchers to adults and children in financial need. We have teamed up with local optometrists who provide a vision assessment and eyeglasses at a very low co-pay cost.
Attached are pictures of the new vision scanner and printer.