ENJOY LEARNING…Quick Note from your DG Billy Gray

DG Billy wanted to share the two informational links below with you.

If the Lions Learning Center is new to you, I added helpful steps at the bottom of this post.

Online Learning Opportunity: Conflict Resolution

Did you know conflict is the top reason Lions leave their clubs? Learn how to resolve conflicts and increase member satisfaction by completing the conflict resolution online course in the Lions Learning Center (LLC). GET STARTED

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For those of you that haven’t been to the Lions Learning Center, these steps will guide you to the course.  This is how it looks from YOUR PC or Mac…your phone app will look different.
1)The first link above directs you to LCI member sign in page, you must Sign in.
(If you don’t have an account, you must create one now. You need to know your member ID to complete this step. Contact your club secretary to get your ID number)
2)Once signed in, this directs you to your member portal. Now click the blue LEARN Tab at the top of the page.
3)This directs you to the Online Learning Center page.  Look to the Right of the page and Click the yellow GO button under LIONS LEARNING CENTER.
4)On this page, the Menu is on your LEFT, click the button, CONTENT LIBRARY.
5)In this page, you will see the online course options. Scroll down the page until you see CONFLICT RESOLUTION and click it to start your course.

I know it seems like a lot of steps, but there is SO MUCH INFORMATION in the Content Library.  Take your time and enjoy the Learning!  I highly recommend it.