Donation and Hurricane Ida Relief

Our District Governor and Communications team have been working on improvements to our website and Facebook Page.  We are rolling out a District Paypal Donation Button and QR Code.

Live now on our website we are able to receive donations via PayPal.  You can find this on our website via the “Make A Donation” on the navigation bar or follow the link below.
Make a Donation – District 2-S4 Lions (

These donations will be going to our general project fund to allow the cabinet to redirect funds to new projects as one project ends and a new need arises.

Donate via QR Code: This QR Code is great for publications to make a donation directly to our district.

Hurricane Ida

The District is currently in discussion on how best we can assist our neighbors in Louisiana.  We have learned from our own storms that there is an initial surge of assistance when there is a large catastrophic storm and then a large drop-off as time goes by.  The continued need does not always correspond to the drop-off in assistance.  Our Alert team had discussions on whether to jump immediately into action or take a pause and see how the need continues into the future. Our Governor is keeping an eye on the situation and is in continuous contact with several people throughout the district and our state.  At this time we are looking into opening dialogue with the clubs in the area impacted on how our district may be able to assist in the long-term recovery and rebuilding stages.  What we need from you the members of the district is to communicate your interest and availability to our Alert Chair, Lion Melaine Sweeney at  We also definitely need donations, using the above link and/or QR code we encourage you to ask for club and community support.  The donations we receive will help us in how we are able to respond.

We have had some clubs begin to respond to IDA with club projects and we are happy to support, please reach out to us if your club is planning a project in response to IDA.  Don’t forget to share your project on our Public Facebook Page:

Thank you all for your continued willingness to help our Neighbors when in need and for proving why District 2-S4 has the best Lions!

We wish the League City Lions safe travels to and from Louisiana!

Yours in Lionism,

Lion Melaine Sweeney