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North America Membership Initiative (NoAMI)

First, because of the acronym, NAMI, being copyrighted by someone else, we now use NoAMI for this process.  As you know, our process this year is called NoAMI.  Earlier in January LCI had something called “Road to Success” presented via a webinar series.  It presented an overview of The North America Membership Initiative process.  First was an overview followed by a weekly discussion of the process.  Lions from Across North America shared their successes and challenges.  Following is a link to the recorded webinars.  If you want to build your cub, to build Lions. Please watch.


We Serve – Just Serve

Thanks to First Vice District Governor Lisa Free-Martin of District 2S2:

There is an app called JUSTSERVE.  They will match you with service projects in your area so that you and/or your members can choose when and where they would like to serve.  It’s a free app and very user friendly.

Service Projects – think Outside the Box

First off – do not pick up a service project or fundraiser that is the same or similar to one in your area.  Please no conflicts.  With that said, some ideas:

Shared by our State Global Action Team Leader, PCC John Landrum, Jr, from the Waxahachie Lions Club:

A service project idea…simple & virtually no cost other than time & a little gas. Get the word out & collect jigsaw puzzles that may be collecting dust in a closet. Contact your local nursing homes & drop those puzzles off to our senior shut-ins. This keeps those old puzzles out of the landfill, & provides a needed service to those senior citizens. This came from a Lion in Canada.

The Brazosport Noon Lions Club (the club my wife is in) collects soft plastic (grocery bags, Laundry shirt covers, cases of water bottles overwrap) to give to TREX.  For every 500 pounds they collect they get a free bench that they then give to the bus transit system in Brazosport.  They have a very noticeable Lions “donated by” sign on it.  They partner with a few stores who donate plastic and members collect.  They can only do 1 every 6 months which they easily do.



There are other clubs that do something similar with bottlecaps.

Other service ideas:

  • Another club makes wool beanie caps for pediatric patients.
  • Food drives
  • Water for schools – they cannot use water fountains now
  • Clothing, shoe, coat collections for homeless shelters
  • Many donation places now just let you drive up and they unload

Come on Lions – send in and post some more ideas!!!!


District Governor Billy Gray
Cell: 979-415-4426
District 2S4