District Governor Musings

In attending a meeting for “North America Membership Initiative” our Texas Multiple District 2 (MD2) Membership chair, PDG Mark Roth, passed lots of notes through chat to us.  They were based on “what can we do with the pandemic restrictions?”.   Here were some of his thoughts.  How about you?  Please share by posting other ideas for clubs to do service with safety and distancing in mind.  Think outside the box!

  1. Ask clubs to brainstorm ideas that allow “drive by” service,  Clubs can be delivery crews on other service projects – pick Meals on Wheels, Pack in the Trunk ……… pull up at a residence and leave on the doorstep (ring doorbell and step away)
  2. Conduct outside park cleanings – Lions can spread out and pick up trash
  3. Toy Drives – can be done with very limited person-to-person contact
  4. Clothing Drive for veterans – same as toy drive – limited person-to-person contact
  5. Reach out to Police and Fire Departments – many conduct holiday drives, Lions can collect items and deliver them to the stations
  6. USO’s collect toiletries for service personnel ….. that can be done by clubs and dropped off
    a.  Sub-note by DG Billy – in our area we have “Military Moms” that do this and we can help


DG Billy