District Governor Musings – Your input is requested


Please send me via email your service activity ideas where we can operate with limited contact.  I will continue to have these ideas posted.  We must think outside the box and still respond to our community’s needs!

Phone Mass Texting

Lion Nancy and myself have always used “Mass Text Message” or “MTM” by David Livingood.  The app itself, faqs, FaceBook, everything is latest 2017.  It has recently started having difficulty with long distribution lists overlapping the text box.  Bottom line – we need something new.  Why do I publish this in the District 2S4 website?  Because Lions need good communications and good tools.  I tried just a search and there are thousands of mass texting apps.  This one went straight to a user’s phone text.   I know the big used app is Whatsapp but I would like to find another one that you use and straight goes to a user’s phone without them having to load an app.  Easy to use, ability to have several contacts in a list, ability to have several lists – no other bells or whistles required.  The most rated from apple was “Reach” but the free version only allows a max of 8 contacts per list and a max of two lists.  The middle version is $25 for the first 3 months and then $40 per month – a little pricey.

Please send me the tools you use, the positives, the negatives and the price.  I will make another post in the future with your submissions.

Leveraging and Partnering with Others

Where I worked we were told you were not stealing others ideas, you were leveraging good ideas and practices.  So – meeting, service, programs, etc. – share with others out here on the 2S4 website to help clubs that may be struggling with ideas.   Needville fall short in September getting help at the county fair.  Brazosport Noon and Lake Jackson Lions have trouble getting enough staff for Creepy Hollow Haunted House.  We have agreed to help each other.  Galveston West Beach also helped at the haunted house.  When I first became a Lion, a lot of clubs did not help each other.  We can better serve this way, especially with smaller clubs.

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