District Governor Musings – COVID-19 Pandemic Precautions

My spouse, Lion Nancy, keeps telling me to use caution with certain subjects.  One that seems to be emotionally charged is the pandemic response.  I will deal with generalities and certainties as it appears numbers appear to be influenced – both ways.

First, it is real.  Second it is on an increase.  Third, percentage wise, it’s a small infection rate and a small death rate.  So – you have to consider all that combined along with your and your club’s particular risk factors.  Therefore in all you do, it may be best with the increases we are seeing to consider virtual meetings and well organized social distanced service activities.  But as I say considered……  If you do have gatherings of any type, it is still proven that masks do supply some protection and 6 foot is the recommended distancing.   If you don’t want to do it for yourself, consider others.  Thank you in all that you do in Lion’s service!

DG Billy