District Convention Service Project Needs YOUR help

District Governor’s Convention Service Project

I am excited about the service project scheduled for the district convention.  We are partnering with an organization called Kids Around the World.  They are coming down with all the supplies necessary to pack 33,000 meals.  We will be distributing these meals to the 3 food banks in the Brazosport area.

We will be filling these meals by working around a table with a funnel in the middle.  One person is holding the empty bag under the funnel and the others around the table will scoop one item and pour it into the funnel.  The bag will be removed, and another bag inserted and the process of filling is starts again.  Another person will take the full bag will be sealed and packaged by 6 into another bag and put into a box.  The whole while will be music and a gong rung each time we meet a milestone.  It is intended to be a fun experience.  In 2 ½ – 3 hours we will be packing 33,000 meals.

The cost of this project is 27 cents per meal.  This equates to $8,910 dollars.  I am asking clubs if they can donate to help with the cost of the food.  Any club which donates $100 or more will receive a special banner patch.  If your club can participate in the cost of this endeavor, please make the check out to District 2-S4 and send it to the district Treasurer:

Larry Stewart
1907 Glenn Lakes Lane
Missouri City, TX  77459

Thank you very much for your help in making this service project a success.

Lion Nancy Gray