District Cabinet Meeting Service Project

The District 2-S4 Winter Cabinet Meeting Service Project this year is benefiting Palacios ISD Communities In Schools. The program always needs school supplies and non-perishable food items such as canned vegetables, rice, beans, pasta, pasta sauce and canned fruit or jars of applesauce.  They have also sent a special request of toiletries and socks as they are in low supply for the students in need.  The children who benefit from this program are the students that are at most risk to do without and go hungry when they are not in school.  To learn more about Communities In Schools you can visit their website at  https://www.palaciosisd.org/Page/427.  If you are unable to attend the cabinet meeting and wish to participate or to make it easier for you to participate the Palacios Lions have created a “Wish List” on Amazon.  Bring Your items to the meeting in Bay City on January 28th or you can purchase the items via the wish list, and it will ship directly to the Palacios Lions Club. If you include a message of which club, you are from we can make sure you are recognized for participating.  The Wish List can be found at:   https://amzn.to/3SSQ4Xz