DISTRICT 2-S4 URGENT REQUEST – MD-2 Vision Reporting

CLICK HERE FOR REPORT FORM==>YTD Vision Report_2022-2023

Lions- Please see the attached report of Vision Screening performed by Districts in Texas this year. A final report is being complied next week that will be sent to LCI and the Kids Sight program tracking club and district participation and success. District 2-S4 has screened thousands this year and need to have our numbers included. Zone Chairs please push this out to your clubs ASAP and ask them to have someone from their clubs to take a minute, gather the club information, and send it to Lion Rebecca Hays, lionrebeccahay@gmail.com who is our District Vision Chair. She can get our numbers forwarded to the State Vision Chair so we can show the impact we are making. Thanks for your immediate attention in making this happen.