District 2-S4 has Qualified for a Community Impact Grant

Fellow Lions of District 2-S4:

We have an opportunity for free money through a grant.  Is there anyone who would like to take this on, form a committee of three, and come up with a worthwhile District project to spend almost $4,000?  Please, think hard but not too long and contact DG Billy Gray.

Below is the letter of congratulations from LCIF to DG Billy Gray:


Congratulations! District 2 S4 has qualified to participate in the District and Club Community Impact Grant (DCG) program.

Based on cumulative eligible donations of US$19,997.00 to LCIF during Lion year 2019-2020,  your district can now apply for a DCG for as much as US$3,900.08 to support humanitarian activities in your community. The second figure includes funds your district may have earned through previous eligible donations to LCIF. Eligible donations include those to LCIF’s Empowering Service Fund and to the Area of Greatest Need. Donations to LCIF’s Disaster Relief Fund, and other designated donations, do not count toward cumulative giving. Learn more about LCIF’s DCG program at lionsclubs.org/DCG.

District DCG funds achieved in a given fiscal year are available, upon approval of a DCG grant application, for up to 15 years. After 15 years, the funds expire.

If you decide to apply for a DCG grant this year, LCIF recommends that you consult with your immediate past district governor when applying.

Contact donorassistance@lionsclubs.org with questions regarding donations or balance of available DCG funds. DCG applications and related inquiries should be submitted to LCIFdistrictandclub@lionsclubs.org. View DCG frequently asked questions here.

We look forward to hearing from you. Your support is what allows Lions to make an impact in communities near and far. Thank you!


Lions Clubs International Foundation