District 2-S4 has a Facebook Page

District 2-S4 has a Facebook Page!!! https://www.facebook.com/LionsDistrict2S4

Why do we need a public page?  In general, a Facebook page is a public profile that allows companies and brands to introduce their services and activities. We created the page so that we can share what is happening within our District to the clubs, other Lions and the community.

One of the largest complaints we have seen regarding our Facebook Group is members’ inability to share posts regarding events.  Utilizing a District Facebook Page will allow us to share posts of public interest to other Lions and the public.

We still would like internal club and district communications to be shared within the private locked group. If you are not sure whether to post it to the page or the group you can email our communications team at communications@district2s4lions.org  with the post and we can advise you where to post or post it for you.

Other Benefits:

This creates another place for clubs to advertise their events and to show potential sponsors another place they will be promoted.  We are working on a District Paypal link for donations, by having an established Facebook Page we will be able to post that donation link the next time we have a natural disaster to raise funds from the public.  Many times we have clubs or individuals from all over the world wanting to donate directly to us but they do not know how.  This provides another avenue for them.

We cannot over-communicate the great things our District is doing, and in the age of technology and social media, we are doing our best to make sure that people know that the District is out there serving the community.

Extended reach– many times when you are trying to get a sponsor they want to see your reach, how many followers you have.  By being a part of the District Facebook Page our reach now becomes part of your reach.  If needed we will be able to provide you the statistics to help show potential sponsors or even your local Hot Tax Board who is seeing your posts.

How can you help?  Please start posting upcoming service projects and fundraisers to the page.  You can also post photos of past events in the photo gallery.  Like and follow our page and most importantly, share. Share what is happening with other clubs, you never know if someone in your social network might be looking for something to do while they are visiting another area.  All our clubs can use the support from our fellow Lions.  Advertising can be expensive, but sharing a post is free.

Yours in Lionism,

Lion Melaine Sweeney
District 2-S4 Alert Chair
District 2-S4 Communications Team
Pearland Silverlake Lions Member