District 2-S4 Hall of Fame

CLICK HERE FOR HALL OF FAME REQ’S pdf==>Hall-of-Fame-Requirements-for-Nominees_5-30-2022

2022-2023 is the Year for 2-S4 to present our Nominees for Multiple District 2 Texas Hall of Fame.

If you wish to present a name for a nominee, PLEASE EMAIL DG Vicky at vickydulin@gmail.com ASAP.

We need to have ALL Nominees sent to DG Vicky by January 14th.



Elevation of Lions into the Texas Lions Hall of Fame bestows an honor upon one
who has been outstanding in using their time, talents, and resources to further the
cause of humanitarian services.

Selection shall be by the Hall of Fame Committee for each district. The committee
of five (5) members each, from different clubs, shall be appointed by the District
Governor. The nominee shall be certified to the Council of Governors not later
than the February Council of Governors Meeting.
1. Minimum standards to qualify as a nominee for the Texas Lions Hall of Fame
a. Be an active or deceased member with at least fifteen (15) years of service.
b. Having provided outstanding and dedicated service as a Lion beyond the
call of duty.
c. Having provided other than service as a Lion to community, state, and
d. Having accomplished special achievements in, or contributions to,
humanitarian service for those less fortunate; and
e. Not having solicited in any manner for this recognition, which will
automatically eliminate the soliciting candidate for that year.

A fee will be charged to cover the cost of the Hall of Fame Medallion and the Hall
of Fame Plaque, which are presented to each nominee. The photo and profile must
be submitted to the State Office electronically (the profile in MSWord format
limited to 340 words –a word consists of 5 characters which includes punctuation
and spaces) and the photo as a jpg file.
2. Presentation of the selected nominee by the District Governor shall be at the
Multiple District 2 Convention. Each selected nominee will have their name
placed on the Hall of Fame Plaque located in the State Office.
3. The nominees shall be selected in accordance with the following schedule:

2022-2023: T1, E1, A1, S1, S4