Closing of the League City Evening Lions Club

Do to unforeseen circumstances League City Evening Lions Club is dissolving our club. We have decided our close our club for a few reasons.  First Covid has kept us from some of our regular fund raisers as well as our community out reach at Bay Wind. Bringing in new members has been difficult with the shut down of our meeting place.  Also, our membership has dropped to the point that we don’t even have enough members to have officers.  We are listing several items that our club is selling. We have 8 – 8ft tables, a commercial coffee pot, a nice pit that pretty heavy, a giant lion’s head made by one of our members and it does need some repairs to stabilize it.
There are also 3 EZ-up tents.  We are selling a trailer that is 12 X 6.  All sales will go to pay off any balances we currently have and the remaining will go to the Lion’s Camp. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in any of these items.
Thank you,
Donna Weinert
Maureen O’Connell