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Voting at District Convention?

Clubs and their members must be in good standing in order to vote at the District 2-S4 Convention on April 28, 2018. At this time, there are over 20 clubs ineligible to vote do to unpaid dues. All dues (LCI

District Convention Training Seminars Available on Saturday, April 28th

PDG Mitch Thames has organized some wonderful seminars for us this past year and he would like to hear from you, on what training you would like to see offered at the District Convention in Pearland.  Please send PDG Mitch

Upcoming Important Dates To Remember:

April 15th – Date to File your club’s new officers for 2018-2019 (PU101) with LCI. April 10th – Deadline to reserve room at the Pearland Hilton Garden Inn for District 2-S4 Convention. April 13th – Deadline for Full Book Registration

MD2 Texas LCIF Residential Reconstruction Grant

Texas received a $280,000 LCIF grant for residential reconstruction for homeowners in the four districts affected by Harvey, our District portion is $70,000.00. The grant requires direct involvement of our Lions by completing the screening form and forwarding to the

Official District 2-S4 2018 Convention Call

District 2-S4 2018 Convention Pearland, Texas April 27-28, 2018 Official District Convention Call The annual District 2-S4 convention shall be held on the 28th day of April 2018 in Pearland, Texas. Each chartered club in the district must be in

3rd Team Meeting, January 27, 2018 in Bay City

Our District Cabinet Meeting is  January 27, 2018 in Bay City Texas and is being hosted by the Blessing Lions Club. You can download the registration, agenda and cabinet reports for the team meeting by clicking here –>District 2-S4 3rd Team

New Year Wishes

Jerry and I have received so much support from you all; we wanted to take this moment to let you know how grateful we both are. This year has been quite the learning experience for us. We look forward to

Texas MD-2 Hurricane Harvey Task Force Next Steps

The Texas MD-2 Hurricane Harvey Task Force is working to close out the initial $100,000 LCIF MCAT grant we received back in August 2017 shortly after Hurricane Harvey made landfall. Since then, LCIF has received donation designated for the Texas

Rosenberg Team Meeting, Oct. 28, 2017-updated

District 2-S4’s second team meeting is just around the corner. I hope everyone is registered. Don’t forget we will also be holding the District’s Peace Poster Contest. Please bring your entries and give them  to DG Jerry Gilbert by 9:30

Brand New Training Session at the Rosenberg Team Meeting

Lions, I’m excited about a new training session being given by PDG Ed Stiles at the Team Meeting in Rosenberg. The new training session being listed as ‘New Member’ training, is much more. It is actually a combination of new