Bacliff “Bayside” Lions Navigate a Pandemic

In a Pre-Covid World, long long ago, the Bayside Lions had successfully launched a program to serve the visually impaired of Galveston County.  Through a cooperative with Lighthouse Christian Ministries and Prevent Blindness Texas, screenings were scheduled twice monthly for residents who were referred, as needed, for doctor’s examination and eyeglasses.  All at no charge to them!  And then THE VIRUS and the world stopped spinning!

Well, good news for both the Lions and clients in need.  PBT is working on a way to once again connect with those in need of screening while maintaining a safe environment in the face of this pandemic.  Encouraged by prior successes, they have asked Bayside Lions to pilot a telehealth assessment program that will once again allow eye care needs of residents to be met.  As this is being written, a training program is being developed that will enable the Lions to resume their screening program through virtual appointments and work towards improving the quality of life in their community.

Perhaps the most difficult challenge as we start this new Lions year is to find ways to serve the needs of our community and engage club members, while safe distancing and communicating virtually, all of which seems mutually exclusive.  In a world that has shifted during a health crisis, it is encouraging to see a path taking shape that will lead us back to service.

Stay tuned!  We are evolving for the good of our community.