A Thank you letter for the Lions of Texas


Your great response to our Texas Lions Camp themed mask has netted over $1000 for the Camp so far. I have had several orders for whole clubs. All profits will go into the Polar Bear Challenge, which is being designated to go into our building fund for our new bunkhouses. So keep the orders coming.

The words on the mask “Serving God’s Special Children” on a Texas flag background is our Chairman Kent Basinger’s theme for the year.

Please take note that the printer’s are having trouble getting masks from their suppliers, who in turn tell us, that the manufacturers are unable to supply them. There appears to be two reasons for this shortage. First of all, most of the manufacturer’s time, effort & materials are going into making sure our medical providers have all the PPE’s they need. Secondly there are millions of these specialty masks being ordered for almost every organization and business in the country.

As a result please allow 4-5 weeks or more for delivery. The good news is that so far, I have been able to get the orders out in about 3 weeks from the date I receive them. As of Sept. 8, all orders received by me prior to August 24th are in the mail.

These new bunkhouses are critical, especially after the destruction we received this spring on camp by the high winds. If we are to continue “Serving God’s Special Children”, we have to get this done.

So keep those orders coming! Thank you.

PCC Tom Blase