A Message from your District Governor

Leadership in Lions

I have talked to you before about leadership.  I had no plans on moving into a leadership position.  I wanted to be a serving and working lion.  I hope you love Lions and what we do as much as I do.  Without leaders we cannot function.  So – part of this serving and working for Lions also means stepping up to serve in a leadership position.  Please consider for 2021-2022 Lions year under District Governor Vivian Janysek:

Second Vice District Governor

We presently have no one seeking the office of second vice district governor (2VDG).  Please consider submitting your name.  If you need to and put in the minimum amount of work, expenses will be paid as 2VDG and 1VDG up to $2000.  And believe me, you can stay under that if you need.  I wanted to attend every seminar and symposium and just every single event, so I spent more than that, but you do not have to.


A candidate for the office of Second Vice District Governor shall satisfy all requirements as provided herein and in accordance with Lions International Constitution and By-Laws.

(1) Be an active member in good standing of a chartered Lions Club in good standing in this District.

(2) Secure the endorsement of his/her Club or the majority of the Clubs in this District.

(3) Have served or will have served at the time he/she takes the office as Second Vice District Governor:

(a) As President of a Lions Club for a full term or major portion thereof, and a member of the board of directors of a Lions Club for no less than two (2) additional years; and

(b) As Zone Chairperson or Region Chairperson or Cabinet Secretary and/or Treasurer for a full term or major portion thereof.

(c) With none of the above being accomplished concurrently.

Region Chair

We will need two additional Region chairs next year.  One for the central district and one for the western part of the district.  Lion Denny Holt will remain for Region 1, East District 2S4.


Lion must have been club president and a member of the club board for two years.

The duties of a Region Chair are:

  • Know your clubs, members, Zones.  Know the issues and history.  Get a feel for them.
  • Be aware of events in the District.  Attend what you can.
  • Know the district, meet the cabinet, stay in communication with the cabinet, especially the District Governor
  • Communicate with the Zones and clubs
    • Mediate if needed
    • Zone, clubs, down to the members sometime just want to talk – broadcast you are available
  • Travel for club visitations, zone meeting, etc.
  • Work with the GLT, GST and GMT Leadership Team
  • Mediate issues and grievances with clubs
  • Know the structurer of dues and humanitarian contributions and current district budget
    • Keep in communication with the District treasurer and contact Zone Chairs of delinquent clubs
  • Know the by-laws of LCI and district (mostly around voting delegates)
  • Supervise the zone chairs and hold them accountable
    • Be sure they are in communication with their clubs
    • Be sure they are relaying communications from the District and LCI to the clubs
  • Be conscientious about your job
  • It is not hard to be a Region Chair – just think and communicate – have faith and provide support

If you are interested in either, please contact either First Vice District Governor Vivian Janysek, 830.299.1073, victoriancountry@hotmail.com, or District Governor Billy Gray, 979.415.4426, billy_gray_jr@att.net

District Governor Billy Gray