A Few Words from the DGE – Billy Gray

My name is Lion Billy Gray, a Lion since March 1985 and always in the Lake Jackson Lions Club. I am the District Governor Elect (DGE) taking office as District Governor on July 1, 2020. I have always been a working Lion and never aspired to “move up the ladder”, especially to District Governor. Something you will hear more than once, is my two main and strong ethics of life – honesty and non-prejudice. My children were raised with those strong convictions and I expect to see that in the Lions I work with. I was raised a humble country boy and am basically not a suit and tie guy, more a casual dress guy, but I will do what the office calls for. With all that said – I was pleased with strong support and urging of PDG’s to do this, and I hope to help our fellow community members through this office. Let’s try to make this a great year, get by our possible difference of opinions and strive to help all those we can this year.

Thank you for your support.
Lion Billy Gray