2nd Vice District Governor Resolution Needed for Tomorrow’s Zoom Cabinet Meeting

We are still lacking a candidate for 2nd Vice District Governor.  The letter below just might sway you to consider this highly coveted position.

Lions of District 2-S4
Have you always wanted to be a District Governor?
Now is your Chance! Get your Club to put in a resolution
for you. The only Qualification Requirements are having been a Zone
Chairman or Cabinet Secretary or Cabinet Treasurer.
This will get you on the FAST TRAIN to being a PAST.
The rewards are tremendous. You get to sit beside PDG
Charles E Dentler after you have served 3 Years of Service.
This PDG will try to influence the vote when you get your chance
of entering the “Honery” Committee. Talk to previous Governors
and it always seems to BOIL down to one VOTE for Admittance.
Now you have it – if you can handle Club President – you can handle
District Affairs. Only Four meetings per year – plenty of time for
travel & plenty of places to go. International Expense account
and District Budgets galore, Get out your Service and become a
Lion who has everything to give and a wealth of knowledge to receive.
Charles E Dentler, PDG
Nominations Chairman