2nd District Cabinet Meeting, Oct. 16th, Bay City – Peace Poster Contest

Lions Don’t forget to bring your winning Peace Posters for the District Contest on the 16th.

CLICK HERE FOR FLYER INFO==>2nd Cab_Meeting Reg and Info Sheet_Bay City 2021

Hello Lions,
The Bay City Lions along with many of the Lions clubs from Matagorda County are hosting the 2nd Cabinet meeting for our District.

Every club officer should have access to the flyer and the registration form by this post.

If not and this is new information to you, please reach out to me at mitchthames@visitbaycity.org

It is important that you respond quickly, because we must have a solid number for the caterer. We must ensure we have plenty of food for the event.

My good friend the late Ernest Opella told me many years ago, “it doesn’t matter what happened at a Lions meeting as long as the food is good and there is plenty of bread”

Please share with your club and clubs in your area.

 Register TODAY!!

Lion Mitch Thames
979-245-8333 Office