2-S4 Lions Pins Needed for Texas Lions Museum

Lion Sheryl Butler with The Eb Grindstaff Texas Lions Museum sent an email requesting Lions pins from the following years.
If you wish to donate a pin from the list below, please contact:
PDG Ronnie Martin grapevinegiftslj@aol.com or PDG Jeanne Cobb lionjcobb@embarqmail.com

Below is a list of the pins I need to complete the 2-S4 collection for the Texas Lions Museum.
If you could help me with any of these, I would be very grateful.

Thank you,
Sheryl Butler

District Governor pins needed:
*1992-1993  James E. Stone, Jr                                *1977-78  Michael Moss
*1988-89  Pete Rygaard                                             *1976-77  Robert Beaird
*1986-87  Wm. “Billy” Wheeler                                *1974-75  Jerry Maruska
*1980-81  Jack Grounds                                              *1973-74  Adam Sattler
*1979-80  Don Koenig                                                 *1971-72  J.A. DeLawder
*1978-79 Calvin ‘Cowboy’ Jones                                *1970-71  Jim McNeill

District pins needed:

2021-22                                                           1988-89
2020-21                                                           1986-87
2019-20                                                           1979-80
2018-19                                                           1978-79
2017-18                                                           1977-78
2016-17                                                           1976-77
2011-12                                                           1974-75